STEM Solutions

AZTECH Educational Resources LLC offers both the product and related training to you as per the latest technological advancements in the industry. We have partnered with all the major OEMs and technology brands in the market to deliver high standard products. We are also an active member of the ACTEAZ organization.

SkillsUSA Contest

AZTECH Educational Resources LLC supports SkillsUSA. We run the contest in five states and assist the winners of these states at the national contest. 

Additive Manufacturing

Robotics and Automation


Automated Manufacturing

Technology Education in School

Schools across the US have taken the initiative to include engineering and technology subjects in their curriculum as part of the career development program. We offer many inter-disciplinary tools, which encourage students to develop interest in technology and math.

Students get exposed to concepts of science, computers, logical reasoning, and math at a young age, and they develop affinity towards these subjects.

Member of ACTEAZ Organization

AZTECH is an active member of the ACTEAZ organization. We support the organization by providing multiple training workshops every year at the summer conference in Tucson, Arizona.

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Our commercial products are among the most reliable solutions in the market.