AZTECH Educational Resources LLC is one of the leading distributors of scientific equipment for industries. We offer product, training, and support as a solution to serve our clients better.

Timely Support

We value your time and realize the importance of keeping your machinery running. Our dedicated team of support engineers provides continuous support. Our AZTECH team is active and will address all your concerns promptly.

Continuous Education

In addition to the initial installation training, our team also conducts continuous training sessions whenever there is a new feature or a software upgrade. This helps you utilize the software better, and makes your team skilled to take up more complex projects.

We have gathered a large section of online training resources and guides to support you.


Top Brands

AZTECH never compromises on quality. We have partnered with top OEMs such as Markforged, 3D Platform, Roland and Forest Scientific, which are known for top-quality products, spares, and components.

Top Brands

Our commercial products are among the most reliable solutions in the market.