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AZTECH Educational Resources LLC is a STEM educational partner. We offer all types of educational projects, technical equipment, software, and projects that aid in better teaching.

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{ science, technology, engineering & mathematics }

STEM is a tested and innovative teaching methodology, which is accepted by renowned universities and educationalists around the world. Our innovative teaching aids include robotics kits, 3D printers, mechatronics apparatus, and more. all of these help promote curiosity in students. Our office is located in Sun City, Arizona. Clients across the US can order our products online and get them delivered to their doorstep.

As a pioneer in the distribution of technical education equipment, AZTECH provides cutting edge products for learning.

Our team carries almost 85 years of combined experience in this field, and we understand the importance of training and support.

We offer free training through a wide array of videos and guides. Our training system is complete and comprehensive, and includes material developed by both OEMs and talented in-house engineers.



Support is the one thing that separates us from the rest. Our team is proactive in providing software update guides, support, and training. We make sure that the equipment remains operational when needed.


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Our team specializes in meeting niche technical requirements required
for skill development in various educational institutes.

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